3 Reasons we can’t wait for open 2018 roadshow

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OPEN 2018 Roadshow is just around the corner (now only two days away!). This 1-day immersive event is your chance to meet, engage, and network with the People team leaders in Boston, Austin, and San Francisco -- plus you’ll gain tools that’ll change your hiring game forever.

In case you’re not as hyped as we are yet, here are three reasons you Talent Acquisition nerds should be geeking out and getting pumped.

1. Learn how to (realistically) get ahead in the shifting Talent landscape.

It’s no secret that times are changing in the world of Talent. According to a SHRM research report, The New Talent Landscape: Recruiting Difficulty and Skills Shortages, “68% of HR professionals across industries report challenging recruiting conditions in the current talent market.” If you’re reading that stat and thinking it’s #relatable, we understand.

Greenhouse President Jon Stross will address this challenge when he kicks off OPEN 2018 Roadshow with a compelling keynote: The Reality of a Shifting Talent Landscape. He breaks down a pattern he’s noticed among the thousands of successful companies he’s worked with, and shares a framework for successful hiring. Get ready to get ahead. .

2. Become a data and reporting pro to improve your hiring processes.

The role of the recruiter requires so much more than it did even a few years ago. Today, Talent professionals are wearing all sorts of hats, especially when it comes to data. Recruiters are becoming more and more strategic and data-driven, and adding data people to their People people skillset. Whether you’re using data to calculate your cost per hire, or to generally gain insight into your pipeline, figuring out how to best utilize People data is a tricky task.

Thankfully, we’ve got just the session to help. The Improve Your Hiring Outcomes with Data & Reporting workshop with TripAdvisor will help you know where to be proactive by looking at the right data indicators. You’ll learn how to accurately predict your hiring outcomes and make data-driven hiring decisions that impact the bottom line. This session has everything to level up your game so you can become a smarter, more advanced recruiter.

3. Get an exclusive look inside the mind of a candidate.

What was the candidate’s experience really like? What gets a candidate excited about a role at our org? Why did my candidate leave us hanging and ghost me?

If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind, the Candidate Panel at OPEN 2018 Roadshow is crucial. You’ll get an inside look at what attracts candidates to say yes to specific companies, plus you’ll have a chance to ask candid questions in the interactive portion of the session. We’re basically handing you the power of mind reading. Don’t miss this opportunity.

This is only a small taste of what’s to come during OPEN 2018 Roadshow. You’ll also learn to master techniques for winning at every candidate touch-point, as well as develop a framework for Diversity & Inclusion that fosters an environment of belonging. Bonus: You’ll wind down with a nice happy hour toast to bring the day to a close as you network with your new power player Talent friends.

Keep FOMO at bay and get your tickets for the hiring event of the season today. Early bird tickets are only available for a few more days, so be sure to register before they’re gone.

Micah Gebreyes

Micah Gebreyes

is a Senior Manager of Content Marketing at Greenhouse where she develops and leads the content strategy for Greenhouse blogs, social media and thought leadership newsletter, Modern Recruiter. When she's not working to bring the brand story to life, she enjoys spending time with her Pomeranian, Cashew. Keep the conversation growing with Micah on LinkedIn or through the Greenhouse LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.