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Great hiring at any scale

Whether you’re hiring 10 employees or 100, Greenhouse can be tailored to meet your needs now and as your company grows. More than an applicant tracking system (ATS), Greenhouse has everything you need to compete for top talent. Create a great experience, build diverse teams, save time and resources, and use data to improve your hiring process.

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A complete hiring solution

  • Source, track and manage candidates

  • Orchestrate the entire hiring team

  • Make better hiring decisions with structured hiring

  • Track, measure and improve your processes

  • Successfully onboard new employees

Compete for talent

No matter the size, all companies face tough competition for great talent. You’ll need a great candidate experience, but also the processes to back it up. With Greenhouse, you get all the tools you need to build a sophisticated hiring organization.

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Efficiently source passive and active talent

Whether you’re exploring new sourcing strategies or optimizing your current approach, Greenhouse gives you the tools to find, reach and engage top talent quickly and effectively. Stand out from the noise with personalized outreach campaigns and access over 1,000 niche and traditional global job boards – all in one place.

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Hire efficiently

Automate administrative tasks so you can focus on what’s important: building relationships with candidates. With Greenhouse, you can:

  • Schedule candidate emails to keep the process moving
  • Use reminders to keep your hiring team on track
  • Get alerts that let you know if a candidate has been in a stage too long
  • Allow candidates to self-schedule meeting times with the Calendly integration to eliminate back and forth
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Create a meaningful experience for everyone

It’s important that candidates have a fair, informative and positive experience. But it’s also important that recruiters are empowered with the right information and that hiring managers are brought into the process. With Greenhouse, you can create a great hiring process for everyone.

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Build diverse and inclusive teams

We give you the tools to scale an inclusive hiring process. With our research-backed methods, you can:

  • Reduce unconscious bias in your hiring process
  • Evaluate each candidate fairly and consistently
  • Identify problem areas and track against your DE&I goals
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Learn and improve with pre-built reports

No matter what your company goals are, Greenhouse enables you to keep everyone informed about your hiring performance with automated reports. With over 30 pre-built reports and striking visuals, you can save time on manual calculations and ensure there is visibility into your team’s activities.

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Integrate with the tools you already use

Greenhouse has the industry’s largest ecosystem of 310+ integration partners, so our platform works seamlessly with the tools you already have. In addition, customers have full access to our APIs, giving you limitless flexibility and control over your full hiring solution.

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The right resources and guidance

We’ve helped more than 4,000 companies on their journey to become great at hiring. Along the way, we’ve learned that not only do they need the best hiring tools, they also need a partner to help them get there. Greenhouse provides:

  • Hiring resources and guidance materials
  • Product education
  • A community for shared learning
  • A commitment to your success
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