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Source ideal candidates with a recruitment database fueled by best-in-class contact data.

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Uncover hidden talent and reach the unreachable

With ZoomInfo TalentOS, recruiters can connect with candidates beyond social networks and source candidates quickly from a database of 130M+ continuously enhanced contacts.

For recruiters using LinkedIn, supercharge your sourcing when you overlay ZoomInfo TalentOS data using the ReachOut Chrome extension.

Key Benefits

Connect with candidates beyond InMail

Accessing the ZoomInfo TalentOS enhanced contact database helps recruiters find and connect with candidates and save time when sourcing candidates. According to the GEM Workplace Trends Report, 2020, 40% of tech talent has InMail notifications turned off, and 90% of talent prefers to be contacted via email. With access to candidate contact details, recruiters using ZoomInfo TalentOS can connect with more candidates at a quicker rate.

Automate candidate outreach

From sourcing to engaging with candidates, ZoomInfo TalentOS empowers recruiters to get candidates into the interview process using automated and multichannel Talentflows. According to HubSpot, eight touchpoints are necessary to guarantee success. When you pair InMail with automated email and phone sequences, you’re more likely to see a better response rate due to the increased touchpoints.

Trusted candidate database

From the ZoomInfo TalentOS platform or LinkedIn, you can access and view candidate contact information. Get in touch with the right candidates and increase your chances of getting top talent into your open roles. ZoomInfo TalentOS is powered by ZoomInfo’s best-in-class database. Consistently updated and refreshed, recruiters have access to 1.6B+ records, 100M+ verified email addresses, and 33M+ mobile phone numbers to connect with candidates.