Hiring is an art, We made it a science. Bring the highest level of objectivity into your hiring process by using predictive analytics from X0PA.

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Maximise objectivity in hiring, predict loyalty and performance and identify talent with best culture fit

Hiring is an art, we made it a science. Bring the highest level of objectivity into your hiring process with X0PA’s predictive analytics.

X0PA AI is an intelligent SAAS hiring platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to source, score, and rank talent to identify the best fitting candidates for each organization's needs. Hire with precision and the highest level of objectivity. We say that hiring has been a subjective process for too long, but X0PA made it a science. Using deep tech tools combined with an efficient workflow platform and integrated tools, we bring you a seamless, unbiased and precise hiring process.

X0PA is the only platform that combines advanced algorithms, predictive analytics, natural language processing and RPA to scale the recruiting process. It transforms your employee retention and your recruitment expenditure by helping you hire the right candidates and reallocate existing employees to more suitable and satisfying roles. By automating tasks, X0PA removes subjectivity and human error from traditional processes and creates the objective and transparent recruitment solution that both organizations and candidates can trust.