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Integrate Anything. Automate Everything.

Workato is an enterprise automation platform that allows you to connect your applications and build workflow automations that transform how your business operates.

Here are just a few ways that Workato can automate your recruiting efforts:

1. Get more referrals from your team. Build a workflow that automatically shares job listings in Greenhouse through a platform like Slack.

2. Prevent no-shows from your interviewers. Design a workflow that reminds each colleague about their interview at predetermined points in time, either by email or chat.

3. Let a bot screen your candidates. Use Workbot (Workato’s enterprise platform bot) to review resumes once they come into Greenhouse. It can decide whether or not applicants move forward based on what’s included in your job posting.

You can learn more about Workato and how the platform can transform your recruiting efforts by scheduling a demo with one of our automation experts!