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Identify top talent and reduce turnover with Wonderlic, the leader in pre-employment assessments.

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Find high-quality candidates for your unique roles

Wonderlic is the pioneer of pre-employment assessments, with 80+ years of experience providing objective candidate insights that predict who's the best fit for your open positions and whether or not your candidates may thrive.

Wonderlic's whole-person, multi-measure assessments identify candidates who have the cognitive ability, personality, and the motivation needed to succeed in your roles. By measuring these three constructs we can give you robust insight into what candidates can do, will do, and want to do – all specific to your unique role. The technology behind WonScore, Wonderlic's pre-hire assessment tool, makes reading and interpreting candidates' results easy and doesn't require a lot of setup or training.

With these insights, HR teams can identify top talent before reviewing resumes and scheduling phone screens – allowing your team to move quickly on the candidates most likely to be successful. Wonderlic significantly improves your chances of hiring talent that will grow in their roles, enjoy their work, and stick around – reducing turnover long-term.

The ongoing evolution of our assessments is driven by continually validated scientific research and award-winning expertise in I/O (industrial-organizational) psychology, leveraging AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to create better talent science. As a result, we're creating groundbreaking new ways for companies to hire more fairly and effectively in an ever-changing world.