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The most user-friendly, efficient and affordable one way video interviews in Greenhouse

Screening tools, Video interviewing


Audiovisual assessment platform to automate your first round of interview.

Screening tools, Video interviewing


Jobma is a leading digital interviewing platform that helps businesses hire better, faster for less.

Screening tools, Video interviewing, Candidate experience, Employer branding


Finally, video interviews done right. myInterview & Greenhouse: your key to faster time to hire.

Screening tools, Video interviewing


RecRight helps you and your hiring team speed up the entire recruitment process so you can focus less on admin, and more on people.

Screening tools, Assessments, Video interviewing

Remote Interview

Hiring Developers? Save screening time by coding tests, take-home projects, and pair-programming interviews.

Screening tools, Video interviewing


AI-recruiter who automatically determines candidate fit based on their personality and communication behavior

Screening tools, Assessments, Video interviewing

SHL Talent Assessments

SHL’s highly validated talent solutions equip recruiters and leaders with people insights at an organization, team, and individual level.