Gather critical information on hundreds of applicants without picking up the phone or engaging in long email threads.

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Say Goodbye to Reference Calls with VidCruiter’s Automated Reference Checks

Say Goodbye to Reference Calls with VidCruiter’s Automated Reference Checks

Getting referees on the phone to chat about candidates can be difficult and time-consuming. Now, referees can answer questions at their convenience, and you can review them on your own schedule. Get as many references as you’d like—and still do less work!

  • Check references anytime in the hiring process
  • Applicants do the work instead of you
  • Create a record as proof references were completed

With VidReferencing, candidates ask each of their referees to complete a private online assessment, and these answers are kept entirely confidential.

Gather insights into candidates from references—with zero phone calls! We can help you free up valuable time you can spend working on other HR priorities.

Reference checks are often one of the most tedious, time-consuming and potentially unproductive stages of the recruitment process, but they don’t have to be!