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Talent intelligence

Endeavoring to change the HR Tech game, the team at Valilly set upon themselves the task of building a one-of-a-kind human resource cloud offering, comprising of several different applications, each built with the goal of providing top-notch quality, efficiency, and value to hiring decision makers. This bold objective led to the creation of the Valilly Talent Intelligence ecosystem, derived from an ingenious coupling of talent management solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Thanks to the tireless number of hours spent by Valilly software engineers bashing away at their keyboards, human resource professionals and hiring decision makers now have the ability to quickly find that needle in the haystack hire that they desperately crave. As astonishing as that all sounds, the most shocking aspect of using the Valilly platform to many of Valilly’s early clients, is the amazing cost savings that using Valilly, rather than traditional recruiters, provides them.

But that’s not all that Valilly’s evolutionary Talent Intelligence platform provides and plans to become. With the ambition of a gallant conqueror that has been amassing a force that is second-to-none, Valilly intends to become the dominant force in the HR Tech industry, forever changing the way companies source, recruit, hire, manage, and transition talent. Continuously looking to steamroll through the human resource barriers faced by hiring managers each day, Valilly has the means and drive to push the boundaries of Talent Intelligence innovation to heretofore unrealized new heights.

For all those companies that have been expending large resources to find the talent that they need, to then dishearteningly come away with unsatisfactory returns, Valilly’s Talent Intelligence is the safety net to their needlessly depreciating values. For all those hiring managers that have spent a myriad number of hours seeking that desperately needed employee to turn around their company, tapping into Valilly’s Talent Intelligence allows them to now allocate that tirelessly wasted time for sleep. For all those that have been demoralized by the lack of talent management tools offered by the applicant tracking systems and talent software solutions currently on the market, Valilly provides the medicine to cure them of their frustrations. For all those companies drowning in red from HR expenditures, Valilly is here to provide them with the life raft needed to bring them to safe shores.