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Human-like AI built on Contemporary-World Information to spot only those candidates you would love to meet and eventually Hire

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Interview only those you will eventually hire

Turbo Hire is like Alexa for your recruitment needs which helps you to Identify best talent in your applicant pool using the power of Human-like AI.

  • Turbo Hire reads the CVs of applicants
  • Overlays the information contained in CV with Contemporary World information
  • Allows Business (Hiring Manager) and Recruiters to work closely

Understand Every Candidate

Business world is moving fast, and every candidate has unique experiences, described by her in her own unique and individual style.

Turbo Hire summarizes each CV in its core details with Who did What, Where, When, How and How Long paradigm so that you can understand each candidate in a big-picture mode.

Competency – People who have the required competency for a job

Each Candidate, in course of career and work, performs myriad tasks and roles. Turbo Hire has built world class Competency Engine (backed by years of research in psychology) that identifies each Candidate’s Primary and Secondary Competencies.

In addition, we have put power of Psychology and Natural Language Processing in hands of recruiters, who can now find the right talent. You will be amazed by how it makes your routine tasks easier.

Context – People who have worked in companies like mine

Turbo Hire has built its proprietary data set on Companies (where candidates work) to know that Wells Fargo, Maersk, Google are not just different words in the CV, they meaningfully point to different companies in different market segments.

Not just with known names, but even with unknown names, Turbo Hire will help you find those candidates who are contextually closer to your company’s work environment.

And, if you wish to proactively pursue hiring candidates from certain other industry say, Healthcare Equipment, you could do that too!!

Education – People who satisfy the required education background

Once again, Turbo Hire has built its own dataset on Academic Institutions of the World and variety of academic programs candidates go through.

Turbo Hire makes is super easy for you to pick only those candidates who meet required academic background necessary for the position you have.

What we promise?

The whole is much more than the sum of its parts. The Human-like AI of Turbo Hire helps you meet only those candidates whom you would hire. Saving you effort, money and most importantly the executive time.

Reduce Talent Identification effort by 70%

Reduce your hiring cycle from weeks to days

Reduce number of Interviews by 2/3rd

Reduce and recover your job marketing expenses

Welcome aboard to the new paradigm of understanding Human Potential