Automatically collect Candidate and Hiring Manager feedback to improve your recruitment process with data

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The survey platform that turns your candidates into promoters

Trustcruit helps you to create ambassadors for your employer brand and attract the top talents in your industry.

By automatically collecting candidate experience feedback you will get data-driven insights for your recruitment team and proof of how your recruiting efforts impact your organization. All through Trustcruit’s survey and HR analytics platform.

  • Benchmarkable database filled with 1.4 million unique candidate experiences
  • Over 100,000 employer brand ambassadors created.
  • Average client improves their recruitment process 7,3-8,0 Net Promoter Score points during the first 12 months.

What Trustcruit clients typically learn and improve:

Diversity and Inclusion

- Segment candidate feedback based on gender and race to improve diversity and inclusion

- Pinpoint improvement areas to create a more diverse and inclusive recruiting process that attracts people relevant to you


- Understand how many candidates say they never receive a rejection

- And how many say they would apply to your organization again

Hiring Managers

- Learn if hiring managers get the support they need from HR

- And improve communication between hiring managers and HR


- Get to know new colleagues’ experience after their onboarding

- How many ended their employment early and for what reasons


- Filter and see how recruiters/hiring managers perform in interviews

- Learn what high performing recruiters are good at, and how they do it


- Technical errors minimized

- Write better job ads

- Understand performance compared to other companies

How Trustcruit and Greenhouse work together:

  1. Job stage changes in Greenhouse as a candidate submits their application, gets interviewed, rejected, hired, or onboarded (also collect hiring manager feedback).
  2. An email containing a feedback survey gets automatically triggered from Trustcruit and sent to the candidate
  3. View, analyze, and benchmark the feedback in Trustcruit’s HR analytics dashboard
  4. Make critical changes and strategic decisions that improve recruiting performance together with your personal Customer Success Manager.