The Predictive Index

Rapidly learn whether applicants are a natural fit with our efficient assessments and tools.

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Amazing insight into how people work in minutes

The Predictive Index combines proven assessments with powerful insight-generating software, activated by a global training network, to help you hire the right people, take action to build better teams, and understand how to help your people thrive.

PI combines software that generates powerful, easy-to-consume insights about jobs, individuals and teams with a workshop curriculum that inspires experts, managers, and employees to apply those insights to their unique organizational challenges.

The software provides powerful tools to help managers understand themselves and tailor their management style, individuals to better understand how to work together and teams to better understand how they thrive.

PI helps you to not only understand what’s happening in your organization but what steps and actions you can take next to drive your people’s productivity forward.

Employee insights act as a company superpower—a sort of x-ray vision that not only helps you understand what makes your current workers tick, but also helps you predict someone’s future behavior and interactions.