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The Hire Talent is a pre-hire testing company that predicts applicant on the job success.

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Developer The Hire Talent
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Company sizes supported 1-100, 101-1,000, 1,001-10,000
Regions supported North America
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English, Spanish

Pre-hire tests for predicting on the job success

The Hire Talent’s pre-employment assessments predict on the job success in candidates so you feel more confident when hiring. Our testing program assesses personality, interpersonal & communication skills, behavioral aptitude, honesty, integrity & attitude for a well-rounded approach. Our software is fully supported, administered & managed online via your own personalized client portal system. We offer complimentary reporting consulting, tons of hiring tools & resources to help you hire better people.


Behavioral Assessments

Our Behavioral Assessments are pre-employment personality assessments geared to measure a candidate’s personality fit, work style, behavioral aptitude, and integrity and attitude traits. We assess candidates against various benchmarks depending on your position needs.

Ability Tests

Our Ability Tests are pre-employment tests that assesses competency and knowledge relating to how one interacts within their world and with others, measuring interpersonal skills, understanding how to deal with people, communication, initiative, and a variety of traits related to coaching, training, and customer-service type interaction.

Attention To Detail Test

Our Attention To Detail Test reveals which candidates: - Maintain consistent focus - Accurately manage details - Provide error-free work The Attention to Detail Test measures a candidate’s ability to match sets of data with another set, checking for nuances, slight variations, or discrepancies among the data sets.