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Screening tools, Assessments


Avoid unsuccessful hires by ensuring the right EQ match between your candidates and team - before you make the hire

Screening tools, Assessments


We provide a cloud platform for skill-based companies to discover, measure and grow talent.

Screening tools, Assessments


Trusted skill assessment platform for hiring and learning needs.

Screening tools, Assessments, Video interviewing


With customizable tests and advanced simulations, eSkill helps you deploy valid tests for pre-employment selection.

Screening tools, Assessments


People analytics that drives retention with a focus on pre-interview, strategic onboarding and team optimization.

Screening tools, Assessments, Video interviewing


The complete IT competency platform that helps companies identify, assess, and develop tech talent.

Screening tools, Assessments


Fortay is a leader in culture scaling: Hire the right talent faster, promote diversity and nurture your company culture.

Screening tools, Assessments, Skills


We provide quick multiple-choice assessments and take-home code challenges for deeper insight