Pre-employment Skill Testing using samples of actual work, for best prediction of work performance.

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Automated pre-employment skill testing

TestDome provides a platform for automated pre-employment skill testing.

To test if a candidate will be good at work, we give them a sample of actual work. Science has proven that this has a better correlation with work performance than indirect measures such as IQ tests, personality tests or education level.

Our pricing is based on Packs, that allow users to test a certain number of candidates (with the price per candidate decreasing as you go for more candidates), and these Packs never expire.

TestDome covers these testing domains:


Database: SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, MySQL

Front-end/Web: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, TypeScript

Front-end/Frameworks: ASP.NET, Node.js, React.js, WordPress, Ruby on Rails

Mobile: iOS, Android

Back-end/Languages: Java, .NET, C#, C++, C, VB.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby

OS: Linux



Numerical reasoning

Verbal reasoning

Logical reasoning

Project Management

Customer Service

Digital Marketing

Data Science

SW Quality Assurance

Accounting & Finance

Administrative Assistance