Talent Analytics, custom machine learning models, assessments, auto-reference checks & auto-phone interviews.

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Stop guessing. Use your top and bottom worker’s real data.

Talytica is committed to being the world’s top provider of integrated, data-driven custom talent analytics solutions. Period. No two companies are the same, and the best worker in one company isn’t the best for another. That’s why, our mission is to create personalized, client-specific solutions using the best in:

● Machine Learning
● Assessments
● Automated reference checks
● Automated phone interviews
● Culture pulses
● Automated exit interviews

This portfolio of tools enables us to give you hand-crafted solutions uniquely tailored to your business. Every one of our clients gets senior management attention in crafting specific solutions that evolve over time, and are built and then continually re-built on the historical data of your top and bottom performers.
We make hiring great people a fun, data-driven science with fair, simple , effective & repeatable outcomes. Personalized attention combined with speed, ease-of-use, breadth of tools and powerful analytics are what set us apart.

Our flat-fee model lets you pick the tests and features that make sense for you, and move automation up the hiring funnel to speed time to hire, and focus more attention on top prospects.

All of these tools enable you to drive down turnover, reduce bias and improve the average performance of the people you hire.

Talytica & Greenhouse

Talytica & Greenhouse are integrated for easy deployment of all solutions. This integration gives you the ability to select and automate candidate testing, customize the stages & events when and where each test should occur and view all results within your Greenhouse account. And, if you don’t see what you want or you aren’t satisfied, we’ll build it for you. So, get in touch.