SV Academy

Hire and empower diverse, high-performing talent to thrive in Sales and Customer Success careers.

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Top sales talent with a focus on diversity

SV Academy is a sales and customer success training school, helping underrepresented groups access new career opportunities in customer-facing roles at high-growth companies. SV Academy graduates consistently perform at the highest level, overachieving quotas, earning promotions faster, and leading their respective teams. Partner employers can find rigorously trained and vetted talent for their revenue generating positions while supporting the mission of increasing economic and career opportunities for people of color, women, those with lower socioeconomic backgrounds, LGBTQ+, and anyone else who doesn’t have the privilege of an established network and easy access to growth oriented careers.

The SV Academy Employer Portal is the access point for partners to find detailed profiles of every SV Academy graduate, from resumes and backgrounds to video cover letters and ideal locations for employment. With early and direct access to SV Academy learners, partner employers are best positioned to hire the top sales and customer success talent on the market quickly and with an emphasis on diversity and inclusivity.