Automatically gather real time feedback after each stage of your recruiting process to optimize hiring

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Automatic, real time candidate experience feedback

Survale integrates with Greenhouse to provide automatic, real time candidate feedback and recruiting analytics based on each stage of your hiring process. Survale delivers highly branded feedback requests from candidates, recruiters, hiring managers and more via email or text. This multi-point feedback enables you to see what’s working and what isn’t with your recruiting process. In addition, SurvaleRefer can be added to Survale to collect candidate and employee referrals from those providing high satisfaction scores. And SurvalePromote identifies candidates and employees most likely to promote your organization and drops them directly on your Glassdoor, Kununu or other employer review site rating form, encouraging them to direct their satisfaction into rating and reviewing your organization.

Survale’s powerful and intuitive analytics dashboards and automated alerts pinpoint where issues exist and help you understand how they affect your candidate experience, recruitment process, recruiting team alignment and more. In fact, Survale is designed to manage all your talent feedback efforts from pre-hire to candidate to new employee to quality of hire to employee experience to employee engagement - Survale can gather and analyze feedback on any and all talent facing programs. For more information, visit