StaffGeek uses people analytics to help you with employee selection, development and performance.

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StaffGeek uses our proprietary DNA Sequencing (Distinct Native Attributes) to build a customized assessment around every company we work with. We realize that your company is unique. Don’t waste your time with a one-size-fits-all approach assessment. Let us build one around you because no one knows what success at your company looks like better than you do.


Our proprietary FitTechTM assessment takes an average of 5 minutes. We know how busy you (and your candidates) are so we’re not going to waste your time with an assessment that slows the process down. We help you make smarter hiring decisions and maintain an efficient hiring process.

User Friendly

Our assessments work great on any device. In today’s fast moving, always busy world you have to catch people on the fly. This means accessibility when and where they need it.


Gone are the days of reports that are dozens of pages long that requires thousands of dollars in time-consuming certifications or a PhD to interpret. Your candidate FitTechTM reports from StaffGeek can be interpreted by anyone and all the details fit onto a single page.


The StaffGeek pricing model is flat and comes with unlimited usage. Inject your customized FitTechTM assessment into your hiring process wherever you know it makes sense. More data means better results and the price won’t change so take advantage and issue your FitTechTM assessment to all of your candidates.