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Reach and attract better candidates, faster

SmartDreamers is an enterprise SaaS (Software as a Service) Solution that provides users with a one stop shop or an all in one platform designed for Recruitment Marketing Automation.

Clients can increase brand awareness and advertise open positions through a multitude of online channels, such as Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit etc.) or more niched channels, depending on the profiling industry (ie. Stack Overflow and Github for IT & Tech, Dribble and Behance for Design etc.)

How does SmartDreamers help?

· Provides access to a larger pool of talent

· Reduces Cost per Hire

· Accelerates hiring process

· Promotes Employer Brand Awareness

· Competitive edge over competing companies

· Offers state of the art recruitment technology

Automated advertisement process

80% of candidates are not active on classical job platforms. Reach 12x more potential candidates on multiple online channels, where people actually spend time.

ATS Integration

Smartdreamers fits perfectly into your recruitment software ecosystem and is an end-to-end recruitment solution, helping you easily advertise across the web and convert high potential leads into your future talent.

Landing Page Editor

Drive candidates into a smart recruitment funnel to increase conversion rates with up to 70%. Tailor made microsites designed to sell your employer brand, boost candidate experience and convert potential candidates to into new top hires.

Data Driven Recruitment

Integrated Advanced Analytics to track and improve your recruitment efforts. Real time data helping you optimize and make informed, fast decisions to drive your future strategy.