Slack connects you to the people and apps you work with every day, no matter where you are or what you do.

Partner implementation fee
This is a fee paid to the partner to implement the integration.

Company sizes supported
Regions supported
Languages supported
These languages are supported by the integration partner, but may not necessarily be supported by Greenhouse.

Connect with the people and tools you work with every day.

With Slack, you get real-time communication features like messaging and calls, a searchable index of all your files and conversations, and integrations with a growing number of handy bots and apps. With all your work in a single place, you can quickly access the context, people, and tools you need to work productively with your team. Now everyone can finally be on the same page and get their work done. Slack: It’s where work happens.

Not using Slack yet? Slack is free to try out for as long as you want, so go ahead and create a new team to get started.