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Your unfair sourcing advantage

Find talent faster:

Don’t start your searches from scratch — SeekOut serves up fresh, relevant candidates for your exact need when you enter your target company and title.

Get verified email addresses and social profiles for candidates with the click of a button.

Reach out to candidates with personalized messages using SeekOut automated email campaigns.

Become a diversity hero:

Easily fill the top of your funnel with qualified, diverse candidates with SeekOut’s powerful diversity and veteran filters.

Remove unconscious bias while sourcing with Blind Hiring Mode. It hides information that could reveal a candidate’s gender, race or ethnicity.

Look brilliant and hire smarter:

Grow your credibility and gain the upper hand with actionable insights about people, roles, and talent pools.

Reach alignment with hiring managers, impress clients, add intelligence to your searches and outmaneuver the competition in finding top talent.

Discover untapped Github talent:

Find top global tech candidates that are invisible in other tools with SeekOut’s groundbreaking Github search.

Enhanced profiles give a complete picture of expertise and experience and surface candidates whose technical capabilities can’t be found with other tools or through boolean searches.