Scoutible’s game-based talent discovery platform uses machine learning to predict job performance.

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Mobile gaming platform for discovering rockstar talent

Scoutible’s machine-learning approach to performance prediction is validated by decades of psychological research into Sales and Customer Service success. Our Performance Predictor can predict job success in these roles 2x better than job interviews, 3x better than work experience, and 4x better than education level.

Applicants to your jobs will be instantly invited to play Scoutible mobile games, which take just 20 minutes. Scoutible then analyzes and ranks your talent pool, instantly providing you with a shortlist of perfect-fit candidates based on their predicted performance (ex: 97% Sales Aptitude). In addition, you receive a report detailing each candidate's individual personality (like work ethic, sociability, and intellect).


  • Predict a candidate's future performance pre-hire!
  • Reduce time-intensive resume screening and interviewing, allowing you to widen the funnel
  • Free up your recruiters so they can spend their time where it counts: Acquiring top talent
  • Screen out bad hires, which can cost up to 200% of annual salary to replace, not including lost productivity
  • Uncover and quantify the hidden strengths of candidates and what they will be like to work with, pre-interview
  • Differentiate your employer brand and enhance your talent pipeline