AI-recruiter who automatically determines candidate fit based on their personality and communication behavior

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AI-soft skill recruiting for fit determination

Today, interpersonal skills are key. However, crucial soft skills are hard to tell from a resume. Use Retorio’ AI to reveal people's talent and fit in advance.

How Retorio works

1) With Retorio you can build your own soft-skill job profile. You can determine which soft-skill factors are important to you (e.g., friendliness, pronunciation, etc.).

2) Use our video interview and invite candidates to present themselves. Standardize your recruiting process by asking the same questions to each candidate and make results comparable.

3) Let us do the work. Retorio’s AI analyses the personality and communication behavior of your talents and automatically ranks them based on their best fit.

Your benefits

1) Enhanced Candidate Quality: The objective soft-skill assessment provides a fit score and in depth insights.

2) Reduced time to Hire: An improved screening process means a faster, but still qualified hire.

3) Tailored: Tell our system, which kind of candidate fits best in your organization. We compare - you can filter faster.

Benefit from the latest psychological insights paired with artificial intelligence incorporated in your hiring process. We constantly improve and adapt our work alongside with empirical validated scientific insights.

You will get a more efficient recruiting through our support due to faster, better insights about your candidates.