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Fast and easy automated reference checking

RefNow allows companies to make smarter, more informed recruitment decisions by providing online employment reference reports. Founded in 2017 from its London Headquarters and now operating globally to serve large organisations, startups, charities and schools. Created out of a frustration with the time consuming referencing process, RefNow's mission is to free up peoples time from referencing with a user friendly platform offering user/team management, custom questions, and ID checks.


Reference Checks

RefNow Reference is an automation tool that streamlines and simplifies the reference checking process. By eliminating the need for a human operator to chase and store reference checks, RefNow Reference helps you save time and resources and focus on growing your business. Features include real-time tracking, verification, fraud detection, customisable question profiles, and more.

RefNow Reference RefNow Reference

Inbound Manager

RefNow Inbound is the time-saving tool that streamlines the reference-checking process for your current and previous staff. With RefNow Inbound, you can upload your employee data to our system and let us handle any incoming reference checks that need to be done. This can be a huge relief for HR teams, who often spend a lot of time handling these requests, with no benefit to the company.

Inbound Manager Inbound Manager

Talent Pool

With Talent Pool, you can tap into a pool of passive candidates and recruit top talent while reference-checking your new hires. Whether you're looking for your next star employee or want to build a strong talent pipeline for future hiring needs, Talent Pool can help you find the best fit for your company.

Talent Pool Talent Pool