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Your AI-based recruiting assistant

Hire Faster

RecruitBot's machine learning algorithms review tens of thousands of resumes instantly--applying your exact preferences as it does so. You'll be able to screen more inbound candidates than ever before, and you'll be able to screen every resume already in your system as well. Consequently, your company will find and reach out to star candidates faster than your competitors do. Your hiring won't just be faster--it will be cheaper, too.

Hire Better

RecruitBot evaluates resumes impartially, so it will find great candidates that you may have missed from unconscious bias. With RecruitBot on your side, you'll unearth great candidates from non-traditional career paths, or more diverse ethnic, regional, and collegiate backgrounds. And RecruitBot's integration with Greenhouse means that it can get recommendations from the large repository of candidates that have already applied to your company through Greenhouse. After all, just because a candidate wasn't a perfect fit for your company when they applied, that doesn't mean that they wouldn't be an extraordinary fit for an open position now.

Reduce Recruiting Bottlenecks

RecruitBot's objective analysis also emboldens recruiters to advocate for borderline candidates that they might have otherwise rejected, for fear of wasting a hiring manager's time. This happens even for well-calibrated hiring teams, where studies have shown that hiring managers would have liked to interview up to 30% of these rejected borderline candidates. With RecruitBot, everybody wins: hiring managers see more good candidates, and recruiters are encouraged to trust their expertise.