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In order to achieve the disruptive potential of AI, we MUST get the people part right…but most companies aren’t. They are hiring using manual, antiquated, tech screening processes that are time consuming, error prone, and that impede diversity. They are also typically upskilling their employees with generic, often intro level, training across the team.

At QuantHub, we recognize that AI roles are different, so we don’t just assess programming – we cover statistics, visualization, wrangling, modeling, etc. QuantHub is a SaaS subscription-based platform written for data scientists by data scientists, providing skill tests, data challenges, and skill development plans completely tailored to the unique characteristics of the advanced analytics space. By leveraging Item Response Theory with a proprietary Bayesian scoring algorithm, QuantHub hones in on the detailed skill profiles of candidates/employees and leverages QuantHub’s position targeting technology to align employees with clear career trajectories and continuous skill developmental opportunities.