Puck helps tell your story. Puck highlights open roles through mini-podcasts with your team.

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Tell your story to find your people. Human Hiring.

Puck helps tell your story. Puck is a recruitment marketing company that highlights open roles through mini-podcasts with team leaders. We package and distribute mini-podcasts on career pages, in cold outreach, to increase team referrals and help companies build a great employer brand. We’re here to help you find your people. We help recruiting teams tell their company story, hit goals & save time.

It starts with a conversation. Join us for a 15 minute call where our host will ask you questions and record a mini-podcast. We’ll produce a short segment and include it in your job pages. You can also share wherever you want, including LinkedIn, and social media platforms.

Our career pages and content powers recruiting strategies that hit goals. Our tools generate more referrals, empower DEI strategies, deliver more leads for sourcing and facilitate internal collaboration with hiring teams. All while showcasing your team and company. Our job pages are the first to make your team stand out, and the only scalable content creation solution for teams who have critical hiring goals.