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Empowering HR through people analytics

With over 20 years of HR experience, PredictiveHR has been at the forefront of instilling data-driven, actionable insights to empower HR leaders nationwide.

At PredictiveHR, we understand each company possesses challenges. This can stem from aggregating and reporting on data from multiple HR or enterprise systems, or constantly managing numerous spreadsheets to gather data.

All of these factors play a significant role in holding your company back from solving their most pressing workforce issues. This is why we do extremely well in helping our clients focus on the challenges affecting them the most.

In partnering with Greenhouse, our SaaS platform enables people analytics by utilizing AI to predict talent outcomes and financial impacts to business outcomes. The PHR Platform aggregates people analytics, predictive, workforce planning solutions, and HR systems expertise into a comprehensive data set with a real-time dashboard with rich visualizations.

Any software can identify problems. PredictiveHR is the only comprehensive solution empowering executives with insights from their people, finance, and operational data, no matter where that data lives.

Our AI platform, Integrity, takes your disparate systems and data sources, aggregates, normalizes, and gathers insights from every source. Our Executive Lens delivers clear visibility into your organization with robust reports and visualizations to reveal business and performance opportunities.