Bring compensation data into your offer workflows to help you win more offers, and save more time.

Developer Pequity
Partner implementation fee
This is a fee paid to the partner to implement the integration.
Company sizes supported 1-100, 101-1,000, 1,001-10,000, 10,000+
Regions supported North America
Languages supported
These languages are supported by the integration partner, but may not necessarily be supported by Greenhouse.

Win More Candidates with Pequity Compensation Data

Pequity makes HR teams faster and more efficient. When the talent market is hot, Pequity automates approvals to speed up time to offer. When the market is slower, Pequity brings the necessary scrutiny you need for comp decisions. You can even automate approvals based on where your offer falls against your pay bands.

Instead of sharing sensitive info across slack, email, spreadsheets and your ATS—Pequity serves as a secure central hub where recruiters, managers, comp people, and leadership can collaborate on pay decisions. There are built-in best practices for ranges, offers, and comp cycles to help guide you.

And, Pequity gives your team a single source of truth on all pay decisions. Compensate with confidence.


Access compensation data

From Ranges to Peer Medians and more, give your talent team access to the compensation data they need to make competitive and equitable offers.

Speed through automated approvals

Speed up time-to-offer, and never miss a detail. Automate approval chains based on where the offer falls against ranges and peers across role, level, and location.

Track market movements and trends

Your talent team knows when the market is changing, but all of that info is dispersed across different parts of your ATS. Collect, share, report, and act on these competing benchmarks with Pequity.