The jobs platform matching the best candidates with innovative tech companies. Attract talent across all functions and levels.

Developer Otta
Partner implementation fee
This is a fee paid to the partner to implement the integration.
Company sizes supported 1-100, 101-1,000, 1,001-10,000, 10,000+
Regions supported North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
Languages supported
These languages are supported by the integration partner, but may not necessarily be supported by Greenhouse.

Get high quality inbound applications from tech candidates

Otta is re-inventing how the best candidates find their next role. The platform uses machine learning to match candidates with roles they are most suited to, across all functions and levels - from engineering to sales. The result? Applications that are 2x more likely to convert to interview, compared to LinkedIn or Indeed.

By integrating Otta with Greenhouse, you'll make it easier for matched candidates to apply via Otta - meaning up to 25% more high quality applications. The integration also allows you to better attribute which applications come via Otta, and compare the performance of Otta to your other hiring channels.


Improved attribution reporting

Track and compare the performance of Otta to your other inbound channels

More qualified applications

Integrating with Otta allows matched candidates to apply with their Otta profile. Less friction means 25% more applications - but from qualified candidates only reducing the friction

Faster syncing of your Greenhouse jobs with Otta

Integrating Greenhouse with Otta means your published jobs get synced with Otta more quickly