Meetcode is a platform to pre-assess and interview candidates online. Going beyond resumes, let's use skill-based questions to test candidates.

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Assess and interview top candidates with ease

We can both agree that talent recruiting is challenging and time-consuming, one wrong step, you may just end up with a mishire. So, how companies can find the right candidates with less efforts? Meetcode is ready to give a satisfactory answer.

Meetcode is a platform to pre-assess and interview candidates online. Going beyond resumes, we use skill-based questions to test candidates. Powered by best-in-class proctoring detection, Meetcode reassures the foundation of an outstanding screening process to help you hire with confidence. Try it for free on Meetcode to see how we can make your hiring process more efficient and bias-free.

Before you start your journey with Meetcode, let me brief you about what we have.

  • Question Library: 300+ pre-built questions (and counting) verified by a subject matter expert with 10+ years of experience
  • Built-in IDE: The real-time code IDE supports more than 25 programming languages, syntax highlighting, and autocomplete
  • Panel Interview (up to 6). Interviewers are allowed to be invited before or during the interview
  • Insightful Report: We provide downloadable and shareable report which includes time duration, time taken, interviewer's evaluations, tag overview, code details, and code playback
  • Skill-based Assessment: We help you generate skill-based tests depending on the role you are hiring for. You can create tests at the push of a button to gauge candidates' key abilities
  • Plagiarism Checker: Equipped with tab switch tracking, webcam snapshots, randomize questions, and more
  • Secure and Stability: Data hosted on AWS Cloud. Capable of hosting 100,000+ assessments and 10,000+ interviews at the same time