Your interview co-pilot for structured interviewing, fast candidate review, & more equitable hiring.

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Interview intelligence for fast and equitable hiring

Need to hire an amazing team speedily and fairly? Pillar is your copilot.

We’ve built the world’s first interview intelligence platform. That means we’re your active guide throughout the interview process – ensuring structure, collaboration, and equity – live in every Zoom interview. We capture and transcribe each interview, while our AI automatically creates highlights of key moments for you to review and share with your teammates. And we’ll help you improve so that each interview is better than the last.

In short – Pillar helps teams increase candidate throughput and decrease time-to-fill – while ensuring that every recruiter, hiring manager, and random interviewer is prepared to provide candidates an intentional interview experience. Our platform also gives you and your team the tools to make hiring decisions based on objective reality, not subjective opinions.

Whether you’re an in-house talent team, hiring manager, recruiting firm, or DEI leader – Pillar is built to make every teammate undeniably world-class at interviewing and hiring. And we’re built right on top of Zoom and your ATS, so that Pillar is simple to implement and won’t impact your existing hiring workflows.

With our deep experience in conversational intelligence, data science, and enterprise softwares (we share investors with SalesLoft, Lessonly, Attentive, Terminus, Zylo and more) – we’re adding new things every week to make Pillar better for you.