Lindy is an intuitive video interviewing platform that works. No gimmicks. Supports all devices.

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Why Lindy?

Yes, there are dozens of other video interviewing solutions — offering everything from social media integration to A.I. graded interviews. How is Lindy different, exactly? Great question!

  • We intentionally do not use creepy A.I to try to guess how well a candidate will perform in their role. We believe that your candidates deserve to be seen as people, not as data points. And you deserve to make an unbiased decision about whether or not a candidate is well-suited.

  • We have put in a ton of thought and effort to lowering the barrier to candidates taking their interviews. Candidates can go from invitation to interview in 10 seconds and take interviews on smartphones, tablets and laptops without any extra apps to install.
  • We believe in fair pricing — you pay only for what you use. We have volume-based pricing and no recurring fees. If don’t get any candidates in a given month, we don’t charge you.

is a candidate screening & assessment tool designed to speed up candidate pre-screening ten times.

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