Largely is a talent marketing platform that allows companies to create incredible candidate communication experiences.

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Company sizes supported 101-1,000, 1,001-10,000, 10,000+
Regions supported North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)
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Create Connection With Largely

Largely is a talent marketing platform that allows companies to create incredible candidate communication experiences. Through the Largely content management system (CMS) companies can easily leverage employee generated video in their communication with candidates at every stage in the hiring process.

Inside the Largely platform you can easily manage your jobs, your employee content (video, text, image) submissions, and touchpoint pages. Quickly filter your employee content and choose exactly which jobs you want it to appear on. You also have the ability to download videos and use them in social recruiting campaigns.

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Custom branded job boards and descriptions

Largely integrates with the jobs in your Greenhouse ATS to create custom branded overlays for your job board and descriptions. Additionally Largely allows you to merge videos from your team directly onto the descriptions, giving candidates a window into your people and culture.

Largely content management system

With the Largely platform, easily crowdsource video content from across your organization. Easily create prompts for employees to answer, then manage all incoming submissions in your content library.

Touchpoint Pages

Largely allows you to easily create custom landing pages to use in your candidate or employee communications. The pages feature video from your team along with customizable call to actions buttons and text boxes. Leverage these pages in for: - Interview reminders - Onboarding - Training - Offer Letters - Internal Communications - Candidate Communications

Social Posting

With social posting companies can easily post content to LinkedIn on behalf of their employee's. Admins choose which content, jobs, or touchpoint they would like to post then select which members accounts they would like to post through. Team members are then sent an email asking if they would like to approve or deny the posting that the admin wants to make on their behalf.


View analytics on all for your jobs, content, social posts, and touchpoint pages within Largely. Analytics include: - Content engagement - View time - CTR