Source and engage with passive candidates across channels long before they are ready to apply.

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Find and nurture candidates much before they apply

You have a great ATS in Greenhouse and that’s amazing. But what about the candidates YOU as recruiters find on LinkedIn, Github and other channels, and the candidates who don’t apply?

That’s where Kula comes in.

Kula helps you engage with passive candidates, continually, at scale, long before they are ready to be in your application process.

Kula automates passive candidate engagement with personalized reach outs across email, InMails, and LinkedIn requests. It also creates an exclusive talent pool from your entire company network for a one-click warm intro and referral flow.

Sourcing from your employees’ networks

Kula lets you bring all the employee networks into one place, hence creating an unmatched talent pool, that is exclusively available to you. Employees can check out open roles and refer proactively to a recruiter or a hiring manager. Or the recruiter can always do a cold reach out or request a warm introduction from your employees. Kula aims to make recruiting everyone’s priority by making it effortless.

Automating your recruitment marketing

Kula automates your entire passive candidate engagement. With deep personalization capabilities across channels, you now engage with 100s of top passive talent within minutes. Kula also automates all the efficiency and metrics reporting of the recruitment funnel, thus saving you time to do what you’re supposed to - hiring the best talent.

Making referrals proactive with Kula Circles

Employee referrals, in the old world, were a lot about tapping shoulders, dropping Slack announcements, and largely, just following up. With Kula, we give the power of referrals to recruiters and hiring managers. They can identify the best-fit candidates and proactively ask for a warm introduction from any employee in the company, within a click.