Acquire the right talent in high volume roles using AI-powered assessments to predict performance and retention.

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Data Driven Hiring Tools For Faster and More Accurate Hiring

Acquire the right talent in high volume roles using Journeyfront’s AI-powered Assessments to predict candidate performance and retention. Journeyfront uses a brief assessment to evaluate the traits of your best (and worst) employees and create a model of the ideal hire, including attributes such as interests, values, competencies, and personality. Candidate assessments are measured against this data, so you can better predict performance and likelihood of turnover. As we track actual results alongside predicted data, we’ll be able to improve your company’s unique hire model and optimize Journeyfront’s future predictions.


AI Powered Predictive Assessments

Our AI Powered Predictive Assessments are the cutting-edge answer to your pre-hire assessment needs. Harness the incredible capabilities of artificial intelligence to predict employee turnover and performance like never before. Our advanced science analyze your own companies data to deliver predictive insights that empower you to make smarter hiring decisions.

AI Powered Launguage Testing

Quickly verify language skills with an AI driven screening tool. Language assessments help identify candidates who meet the language proficiency standards for success in your jobs. Our assessments are built to help you hire talent faster and scale with confidence knowing our benchmarks and industry standards will put the right people in front of your customers.

Post Hire Results Dashboards

Our powerful post hire dashboards allows you to identify whether different interventions (changes to the hiring process, supervisor training, onboarding, compensation, etc.) are having an impact on the outcomes you care about. These tools will also show you what to change in your hiring process in order to continuously improve the accuracy of your hiring process over time.