JOIN is a talent attraction software that includes a multi-posting solution helping you to attract qualified candidates with no effort.

Partner implementation fee
This is a fee paid to the partner to implement the integration.
Company sizes supported 1-100, 101-1,000, 1,001-10,000
Regions supported North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), APAC (Asia Pacific), South America
Languages supported
These languages are supported by the integration partner, but may not necessarily be supported by Greenhouse.
Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish

JOIN maximises the reach of your job posts

How the integration works:

- Follow the installation guide and provide JOIN with the required information (Harvest API key and User ID)
- Jobs on JOIN are automatically created, updated and removed to mirror the jobs on your Greenhouse account
- Jobs on JOIN are published on all free job boards, and you can log into your account to purchase access to Flexible Spending or paid job boards
- Candidates will find your jobs on those job boards and will be able to apply effortlessly
- Candidates are sent to Greenhouse instantly after the application on JOIN and updated if more documents are added after the application


Job synchronisation

Job synchronisation creates, updates and archives jobs automatically, based on the jobs currently published on Greenhouse. This means that you will only need to maintain jobs on Greenhouse, and JOIN will replicate those jobs automatically – without any extra input from you.

Automated distribution of job ads

With the help of the JOIN integration, you can multipost your job ads automatically on 10+ free job boards and, depending on your needs, on 100+ premium job boards at preferential pricing.

Candidate synchronisation

Candidates synchronisation forwards applications from JOIN to Greenhouse. This means that you can use Greenhouse to manage applications without having to log in to JOIN.