Collaborative referral platform to get warm introductions to candidates your employees recommend.

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10x your hires from employee referrals

Intrro helps recruiting teams get warm introductions to candidates your employees recommend, directly into your inbox and ships them automatically to Greenhouse.

Enterprise-level recruiting teams from Hellofresh, Riskified, Security Scorecard, Spendesk and Typeform all use Intrro to steadily increase the number of hires they make from employee referrals.

With Intrro, your employees will sync their LinkedIn network in just a few clicks, share who the star contacts in their network are and who they can introduce you to, directly by email.

Recruiting teams can then request Intrros to candidates that are suitable for open roles, after which employees will send out an email introducing the candidate either by:

  1. Asking the candidate to opt in if they’d like to connect with the recruiting team (OR)

  2. Directly introducing the candidate to recruiting, if the employee has confirmed their contact’s interest offline

We recommend you read through the following documentation for any assistance or reach out to us directly on