Audiovisual assessment platform to automate your first round of interview.

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AI-enabled audiovisual assessment platform

Unstructured questioning techniques during screening rounds fail to accurately assess soft skills or understand candidate weaknesses, relying more on intuition and interviewer's gut instincts. Interviewer.AI solves it by smartly structured questionnaires designed by experts to accurately assess culture & value fit, job fit. It not only aims to remove conscious and unconscious bias, racial, age-related, or gender discrimination; it also helps save a ton of time, so that Hiring Managers can focus their energies on quality candidates and hire the best talent.

Interviewer.AI doesn't do anything magical. It uses all the parameters that human recruiters use for screening candidates and consistently applies them to thousands of candidates in a matter of seconds, saving a ton of their time and effort. Further, with machine learning, the accuracy of sorting candidates only gets better as the platform learns about the culture, values, and past candidate shortlisting decisions within a company over time.

Interviewer.AI aims to redefine the candidate and employer experience. With Greenhouse and Interviewer.AI integration, employer gets the best of both worlds. Within a click in Greenhouse dashboard, Interviewer.AI automatically collects candidate email ID and sends the video assessment invite to candidate over email. Once candidate finishes the interview, you will be able to see the results directly within Greenhouse dashboard. We believed this can be the penultimate steps before hiring great talent.