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InterviewBit Assessments is a fresh approach to test technical talent using an automated Interview Simulator.

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Assess your candidates without having to interview them

InterviewBit Assessments is a fresh approach to test technical talent using an automated Interview Simulator.

InterviewBit Assessments supports automatic evaluation of various assessment types like:

  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Approximate/Heuristic based Algorithms
  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Objective MCQ & Text questions across various domains
  • Database Management Systems
  • Shell Scripting
  • Scenario-based QA tests

This also supports Project/Assignment/Subjective questions which can be used in domains like Rails, Django, Spring, Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS, Android, iOS, System Design etc.

InterviewBit Assessments’ distinctive features include:

Interactive Hinting
Assessments cannot be boolean as real-life interviews aim to judge the candidate’s skill level. So, InterviewBit Assessments have hints (when used result in score deduction) which help the candidate move forward when stuck.

Question Clarification
In real-life interviews, questions are intentionally left vague for the candidate to figure out by asking the right questions. It’s the same case with us, using the Question Clarification, candidates can ask our system for the expected output.

Automatic Reminders
InterviewBit Assessments help you remind the candidates to attempt the test periodically.

Plagiarism Detection & Prevention
InterviewBit Assessments runs a proprietary software to detect plagiarism in candidates’ code to find the similarities. It also has configurable settings to restrict the user from malpractices.

Live Session Support
InterviewBit Assessments has a 24/7 live support to help the candidates in case they are facing issues while attempting the test.

InterviewBit Assessments hosts a library of questions that created by a pool of ex-ICPC World Finalists, high rated Codeforces & Topcoder coders. All the questions go through a cycle of rigorous testing in each of the supported languages.

Other features of InterviewBit Assessments include Section Management, Team and Access Management, Adding Questions to a test for Review, Questions Shuffling even at a section level, Questions randomization from the current test pool or the entire InterviewBit Library, Remote Proctoring Settings like recording events like tab switches, periodic screenshots and snapshots, IP Restriction etc.