Hundred5 opens new communication channels for companies to connect with talent.

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Add a net-new source of candidates

The best talent isn't looking and applying for jobs. And they don't want to interact with recruiters in the old way anymore. To win the war of talent, the recruitment process needs to work for passive job seekers – it has to be fun, worthwhile and rewarding.

In other words, we need to make it as easy as possible for people to apply for a job.

With targeted ads, Hundred5 takes the job offer directly to candidates on the channels they use most. And instead of asking to send in a resume or jump on a call, it allows people to peek inside the job by solving a quick challenge, relevant to the position.

In this way, talent is more likely to engage, as they can discover their fit before either side commits more time or money to the process. Once they know they are good for the job and get an ego-boost from it, the company has to convince the candidates that the company is good for them, too.

With Hundred5 your company will:

  1. add a net new source of candidates;
  2. engage more people with better candidate experience;
  3. spend time with the “warm” leads only

“It was the best test/application I have ever taken. It was kind of fun.” James, the candidate