HRPeak is a global HRTech company that develops and offers candidate/employee assessment technologies.

Developer Greenhouse
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HRPeak Online Assessment Center

HRPeak provides simplify candidate/employee online assessment process and finds the best one for your positions.

It offers many assessment tools such as personality inventory, video interview, aptitude tests, language tests, technical tests, surveys, exam builder, gamified tests, online role play, online case study, online project and online presentation and gamification under a single roof.

Leaner, Faster, Better Recruitment Process

While the labor market and young population are increasing, the HRPeak Online Assessment Center enables users to see more candidates, assess candidates with fair metrics, make accurate recruitment decisions and save up to 80% in recruitment costs.
With HRPeak Online Assessment Center solutions, you can digitize all your assessment processes, including pre- interview, and carry out recruitment processes of the same quality all over the world.

Advanced assessment for point-shot HR decisions.

HRPeak offers Virtual Assessment Center tools for the first time digitally and on a common platform, providing both assessors and candidates with an easily accessible, fast, practical, and minimum-cost process experience. HRPeak Virtual Assessment Center is a great tool to assess candidates' competencies with objective criteria.