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Put your outbound recruiting on autopilot

Most jobs require you to go hunting: the quality on inbound leads (public jobs, job boards etc.) is just too low and marketplaces are too competitive. Sourcing is painful and time consuming: we take care of everything. Finding the leads. Enrichment with all social media and personal email addresses. Enrolling them in carefully crafted email sequences. You just have to press the "Send" button and wait for people to reply.

Here's how it works:

  1. You tell us who's your ideal candidate
  2. We launch a search on our proprietary search engine which analyzes all the public information on LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow etc.
  3. Everyday, we send you 10 off-market passive candidates that are perfect for your open positions.
  4. You're paired with an experienced Account Strategist who will assist with any request: help draft the email sequences, adjust the search criteria, improve the hiring process etc.

On top of this, we provide you will the full CRM suite so that you can monitor and improve your outreach:

  • Follow the activity on your analytics dashboards
  • Send emails on behalf of someone else (your hiring manager?)
  • Set up complex workflows ATS Integrations
  • Save email templates
  • Nurture your existing talent pool and know who to recontact
  • Etc.