Create video interviews and invite candidates to record their answers at their own convenience.

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Automated video interviews

Hireflix is a video interview platform.

We make the hiring process less painful by enabling companies to pre-record interview questions and invite their candidates to record the responses when it suits them best.

No more Scheduling

There’s no need for scheduling of the interview as the candidates can complete it when it suits them best. This is great for candidates that live in other time zones, or if they are currently only able to attend the interview outside working hours. Recruiters can organize their time better and screen more candidates at a faster rate.

Faster Time-to-Hire

As candidates move through the hiring funnel faster and more candidates can be screened in the initial phase of the process, time-to-hire is typically shortened significantly.

Easy Setup

The setup is easy. Just record the questions you have for your candidates, and add Hireflix as a stage in Greenhouse. They will receive an invitation email to watch the interview and record their responses. You’ll be notified when the candidates complete an interview, and you can start reviewing the responses.