Virtual Interviewing, Assessments, and Conversational AI to Simplify Hiring at Scale

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HireVue end-to-end hiring platform

HireVue for Video Interviewing:

HireVue’s industry leading video interviewing solution allows candidates to engage in the interviewing process 24/7 using any device. HireVue OnDemand interviews invite candidates to answer a standard set of questions that recruiting teams can access and evaluate anywhere. When the best candidates have been identified, HireVue Live, now with Microsoft Teams integration, makes conducting a virtual interview a collaborative and seamless experience for your entire team. Incorporating virtual interviews into your process helps you standardize the interview process while achieving your hiring initiatives regardless of location, time zone, or business hours.

HireVue Conversational AI:

Conversational AI automates monotonous recruiter tasks while providing candidates with the guidance and support they need throughout the entire hiring journey. In a self-guided and personalized experience, candidates interact with the chatbot helping them to quickly find the job they are looking for, pre-screen for the role, schedule an interview, and receive automatic updates without any recruiter intervention. With candidate engagement and support taken care of, recruiters can focus on the most qualified candidates, quickly move them through the process, and spend more time on strategic priorities.

HireVue for Pre-Hire Assessments:

HireVue pre-hire assessments allow you to make fair and informed hiring decisions by easily collecting key candidate insights that translate into performance indicators. HireVue Assessments are scientifically validated to automatically evaluate interview responses , game-play, or coding challenges to ensure you can quickly prioritize the best candidates for every role regardless of candidate volume.

HireVue for Game-Based Assessments:

HireVue Game-Based Assessments measure candidate potential and employability by algorithmically linking candidate gameplay to job-relevant competencies. HireVue’s game-based assessments help you easily prioritize candidates while providing a fast, relevant and engaging game experience for candidates.

HireVue for Technical Hiring:

Software engineers, developers, and data scientists are in high demand, but that does not mean you can’t hire the best candidates. CodeVue allows you to understand a candidate’s ability to solve problems in code, while also giving you insight into additional competencies that help you understand who will excel in a team environment. Now you can understand soft-skills and cognitive ability as well as coding proficiency in a single candidate-centric interview experience.

Interview Scheduling:

Easily manage the logistics of the hiring process by automating the candidate scheduling and rescheduling process all within your organization’s calendar service, so you can spend more time interviewing and not scheduling candidates. Whether you need to schedule high volume, 1:1, panel, complex on-site interviews, or hiring events, HireVue can help you easily schedule your next interview. Candidates can also schedule and reschedule their interview using our mobile friendly self-schedule option.