Hire the best talent, faster. With best-in-class Talent and Recruiting Analytics. All insights in one place.

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Hire the best talent, faster. With rich insights.

HiPeople makes it easy to collect in-depth talent and recruiting insights at scale. Gather rich insights, and make better hiring decisions. With HiPeople you can seamlessly collect and analyze talent and recruiting insights that move the needle.

Assessments & Tests

Assessments turn the painstaking process of resume screening into a breeze. Assess your candidates on what is relevant for the role – so you can focus on the best candidates immediately.

Reference & Background Checks

Choose what you want to learn about a candidate, and who you want to learn it from. HiPeople verifies each references, so you can focus on what matters. HiPeople’s fraud detection provides reference checks you can trust.

Candidate Experience Analytics

Gather feedback effortlessly and measure your candidates’ hiring experience. It’s never been easier to understand what drives candidate experience and make data-driven improvements to your recruitment process.

Quality of Hire Analytics

Close the data gap in your hiring game and collect feedback on your Quality of Hire. Learn from your hiring managers whether the new hires match the role, team and organization.

Fully Automated

Seamlessly collect and analyze rich talent and recruiting analytics, 50% faster than your normal processes.

Science Backed

Pick and choose from a vast library of science-backed models, and gain deep insights you can trust. Or create your own custom questions. It’s up to you!

Unified User Experience on one Platform

Create a great user experience for your candidates and recruiting team. HiPeople is your one-stop-shop for all talent and recruiting analytics, allowing you to reduce your tools by 75%.


HiPeople’s platform is private by design, fully GDPR compliant, and SOC 2 Type II certified. Use HiPeople globally while applying custom data ops policies to different geographies.

For more information, visit us at hipeople.io 👋