With HeroHunt.ai recruiters find 1 billion candidates and engage with hyper-personalized outreach.

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Find and reach 1 billion candidates worldwide

Recruiters are struggling to find and reach passive candidates at scale, and for good reason.

HeroHunt.ai is a talent search and engagement engine that enables recruiters to find 1 billion candidates worldwide and reach out at scale.

Recruiters who use HeroHunt.ai reach 150 - 200 hard to find and highly qualified candidates per day with a world class search capability, contact finder and auto-generated hyper-personalized messages all in one tool.

These are some of the things that HeroHunt.ai makes possible for you::

  • Find all candidates from platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow
  • Find verified contact details with a click of the button
  • Generate a highly personalized message automatically the moment you click on a profile
  • Reach out with one-click and integrate with your email
  • Automatically keep track of profiles viewed and contacted
  • Integrate candidate data with your ATS of choice

This leads to your differentiating recruiting power, unmatched by your recruiting competition.

With HeroHunt.ai recruiters experience:

  • Finding more profiles and even untouched profiles from alternative platforms
  • Engaging a lot more candidates in less time
  • Getting from search to contacted candidates in a matter of minutes
  • Differentiated outreach with personalized emails that convert
  • Increase quality of outreach with message personalization and several touch points