Put your hiring on auto-pilot with Skill Assessments (coding and 40+ types of interactions), Video Interviews and real-world Performance Tasks.

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AI powered competency-based hiring platform powers skill based hiring practices for some of the world’s best brands. Whether you are trying to make your recruiters more efficient or save valuable interviewing time, the platform has a place in your recruitment process. Our advanced analytics provides insights into potential top performers early in the recruiting process and helps your organization make better and more informed decisions. Fast growing organizations rely on to create a sustainable pipeline of vetted candidates and build great teams.

Choose to automatically assess candidates via – traditional assessments with proctoring, performance tasks or video interviews. Our assessments cater to a wide variety of job roles. Find tailor made assessments for job roles related to Engineering, Data Science, Customer support, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, etc. Our robust assessment engine has performed more than 100 million evaluations.

GLIDER comes pre-loaded with a bank of readymade assessments suited to every job role. You can utilize these pre-made assessments from our library or create custom evaluations from scratch using 40+ interactive question types (Coding, Video, Categorization, Matchmaking, Heat map, Analytical, Likert, Comprehension, Aptitude etc.) to assess various attributes.

The platform is uniquely suited to assess design, critical thinking and analytical skills of software developers. With coding environments in more than 45 different languages, you can assess not only the ability to logically think and program but also the mastery of the specific language constructs. In addition, you can quickly get deep insights into code quality, performance and completeness of every submission and replay every candidate action. Taking this further, you can also deliver adaptive assessments that are personalized to the candidate and change in real-time based on the candidate’s skill.

A live interview enables a interviewer to connect face-to-face via webcam with a candidate no matter where they are located. The sessions can also enable screen sharing and have access to a workpad for the candidate. These sessions can also be recorded and shared.

We uniquely combine standard assessments with automated video pitch interviews within the same platform - making it engaging and fun for the candidate while at the same time being able to uncover key elements of candidate performance.

Candidates can be assessed on real-world projects, be it debugging an issue in a lifelike project with an IDE or demonstrating the ability to use custom software. Our virtual-machine based platform simulates the daily work environment of candidates and captures their performance on the task - you can look at the final task performance summary or replay every step.

GLIDER’s state-of-the-art proctoring and anti-plagiarism features ensure integrity of the assessment results. Video recording, screen-capture, screenshare, log every candidate action. Whether the user switched tabs on the browser to Google an answer, or copy-pasted text from a different source. For the most demanding test situations, GLIDER also supports live proctoring where a remote human proctor continuously monitors the candidate. GLIDER can detect plagiarism on descriptive answers and code samples and alert you on the risk of plagiarism by candidates.