The complete IT competency platform that helps companies identify, assess, and develop tech talent.

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Say goodbye to wasted time on the wrong candidates

Filtered is a complete IT competency platform that helps companies identify, assess, and develop tech talent like data scientists, software developers, database administrators, QA engineers, and more.

It is used by top names like Coca-Cola, Georgia-Pacific, UPS, Home Depot, Bayer, Express Scripts, Nielsen, and Lyft. They are hiring the next generation of talent and using Filtered to cut through the noise and focus on only the best candidates in their pipeline.

Here’s why companies of all sizes use Filtered:

Focus on the important things

Evaluating candidates has never been better. Watch how your applicants solve difficult problems, explain their solutions, and score against other people. You don’t need to be technical to know if your candidate is a good fit.

Have confidence in your candidates

Every interview is analyzed before it hits your inbox. Filtered protects you from wasting time on fraudulent or cheating applicants. You will be alerted if anything seems out of the ordinary.

Built and perfected by seasoned recruiters

We know Filtered works because we use it ourselves. Way back in the day, Filtered grew out of a small data science consulting company who needed a better way to assess the quality of incoming candidates. Our team has spent tens of thousands of hours making this the best solution out there, and we think you’ll agree.


This integration is focused on the Filtered Assessment product. Import your Filtered interviews, send invitations to candidates, and see results without ever leaving Greenhouse.

Key features

  • Library with thousands of questions of all skill levels and technical areas
  • Easy-to-use video interviewing
  • Test for proficiency in Java, SQL, C#, Python, HTML, and more
  • Test data scientists with millions of rows of data in Jupyter notebook
  • Watch what the candidate was looking up online while they code
  • Confidence Analysis report to protect you from cheaters and identity fraud
  • Options to hide personal information which might create biases
  • Custom-branded interviews and landing pages
  • No limits on candidates or applicants